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Digital Marketing Solutions for Do-Gooder Entrepreneurs with Visionary Brands

You’re in the business of changing the world. We write the marketing to maximize your sales, profits, and impact online.

100% On-Time Delivery Rate

Tired of babysitting your contractors? Get reliable and professional help.

Search Engine Optimization

Get found online and stand out when your ideal prospects are searching for you.

Sell More, Do More

Sell more so you can increase your impact (and profits)!

Visionary B2B & B2C brands need a different marketing approach

When you’re a business with a purpose, marketing is challenging. To work, you know it must revolve around your ideal prospects’ perspective. But it’s often your mission and approach that sets you apart from the competition.

You want your prospects to help you create a better world.

Do-Gooder Copywriting brings cause marketing and psychology to business marketing for businesses transforming their communities and the world. We help you find the balance that works for your audience and inspires them to take part in radical action for change.

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SEO Website Copy

Your website is your business online. We’ll write the words to help you rank in online searches, show your value, and sell more so you can change the world.

Email Marketing

Turn your reader’s inbox into a level playing field. Capture their attention with friendly, engaging emails and prompt them to action.

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Helping you change the world is our mission.

You’ve got the ideas and vision. We have the passion and copywriting skill to sell your solution.

At Do-Gooder Copywriting, we use a strong psychological foundation to super-charge your marketing. We tailor your marketing copy to address your prospects’ core motivations.

We help you do more good by increasing your visibility, reach, and sales. By connecting your brand to your reader’s core desires, we make it easy for them to recognize the value you offer and make them excited to work with you.


“Rebekka has the ability to deeply understand and communicate to the prospects’ needs and priorities, while at the same time matching them to the core branding and messaging on the service-provider end of the relationship.”

William Slyter, Knights of Veritas

“You did amazing work, Rebekka. I was so happy to work with you and have your expertise to write about foster children so people can really understand the angst and pain they suffer without having a forever family.”

Richard Villasana, Founder at Forever Homes for Foster Kids and Author of Do No Harm: The U.S. Border Child Tragedy Continues

“We were blown away by her precision, dedication to getting the material right, and attention to the brand being reflected at every communications point.”

Juliana Spaven, Brand Strategist

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Don’t hide your world-changing business at the bottom of Google’s search results. Get found online and show everyone why yours is the best solution.

Web copywriting, content writing, and e-mails, Do-Gooder Copywriting is here to help you maximize the impact of your online marketing.

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