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Do-Gooder Method

How We Work

We’ve got a system to keep your project on-track

You want results and there’s no time to waste. Don’t worry! We’ve developed a process to help your project flow smoothly and get you the results you need.

Our Process

First Contact:

Send a message to us through our contact form. Once we receive it, you will receive an email with your intro packet and an opportunity to schedule a free 30-minute video consultation with Rebekka through our Client Portal.

We are also available to clients all over the globe! If you need a custom time (we’re night owls, so it’s no trouble), please send an e-mail to Info[at] With a few days notice, we’re always happy to adapt to your schedule. 8 or 9 am BST tends to be when we’re at our brightest, but there’s always coffee!

Because we regularly adapt our schedules for client meetings, we thrive on asynchronous communication. Email is our first choice for contact, followed by scheduled video calls.

Video Consultation and Questionnaire

Once your appointment is made, we will send you the list of the questions Rebekka will ask you during the call. You answers help us understand your business, product/service, target audience, purpose, and project goals.

If you return your answers at least 24 hours before our call, Rebekka can review them beforehand and you’ll get more value. But if you want to wait to cover them during the call that’s also fine.

Our video call will be conducted over Zoom. We always enable automatic closed captions and video for increased accessibility. If the video feed bothers you for any reason, let us know and we will turn our camera off.

At the beginning of your call, Rebekka will ask for your permission to record for note-taking purposes. You get her full attention when she’s not multi-tasking. For this same reason, we request you keep your video on so she can hear you fully.

Project Proposal & Agreement

Once your call is over, Rebekka will review your answers and any other applicable research. She’ll then outline project proposal(s) and make them available to you within two business days, along with her standard project agreement, through the Client Portal. This agreement will contain all the necessary details regarding deliverables, including deadlines, as well as your investment and payment terms. If everything looks good to you, you can electronically sign the agreement and make your deposit online.

If you have any questions, you may choose to schedule a free follow-up video call to discuss the proposal (and any additions or revisions you may want).

Rebekka will send you a revised proposal and project agreement, if necessary. If you already have one, we can use it with whatever modifications may be needed.

Payment & Getting Started

You can pay us securely via direct deposit and credit/debit through the Client Portal.

Your place in our schedule will only be reserved after the signed project agreement has been received and payment has cleared.

The start date of your project is determined by the contract parameters or the date your payment has cleared, whichever is later. Timeline adjustments for your project will be made if payment is delayed unless rush fees are applied and deadlines renegotiated.

Foundational Work

Now the fun begins!

In the Client Portal we’ll ask you to fill out our Creative Brief to tell us more about your business, audience, the key messages you want to communicate, as well as your current positioning in the market. These details help us ensure your marketing will be as effective as possible within the larger scope of your business, brand, goals, and your reader’s point of view.

Research & Writing

Once we have all the information from you we need to start, our real work begins! We’ll begin researching and writing. If we have questions we’ll send you a message.

During this stage, you have 24/7 access to us, and your file, through the Client Portal. Depending upon the duration and scope of your contract, monthly meeting check-ins may also be included in your package.

Marketing Copy Submission

We will send you an email when your marketing copy is completed and has completed our internal revision process. We will also send you a link to our guide on how to get the most value out of the revision process and a link to our calendar to schedule your follow-up call.

Our standard agreement gives you seven days to review the marketing copy and provide information about suggested revisions. After seven days, unless other arrangements are made, the project is considered completed.

The Revision Process

Once we receive your feedback, we’ll get to work on making the revisions.

We help you achieve your goals by writing helpful marketing that your audience wants to read and engage with. If we receive feedback which has a high likelihood of harming your results, we will recommend against it and give you our best professional advice. But ultimately, we understand the choice is yours and will respect whatever decision you make.

The Follow-Up

After your project is completed, we’ll follow-up with you to check in on your results, help troubleshoot potential issues, and make sure everything is working as expected.

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