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Copywriting and Marketing Consultancy for Do-Gooders

B2B & B2C Marketing for Businesses with Purpose

It can be hard to change the world when your impact and reach is limited by your financial resources. There’s so much more you want to accomplish, but to do that you must first succeed as a business!

Do-Gooder Copywriting was founded on the experience of over 10 years of business-to-business and business-to-consumer marketing for a small educational non-profit.

They had a tiny budget, small staff, and passionate volunteers. But with professional marketing they accomplished great things locally and regionally.

Now we do the same for other visionaries and do-gooders working to make their business a force for positive change.

We help you reach more people so you can change more lives.

We show your prospects why your solution is the best one and the status quo isn’t enough.

We help you sell more so you can do more.

And we do it ethically.

We help you develop marketing to meet your prospects where they are while inspiring them with what’s possible.

We’re creating a better world.

Let’s face it, the world is a mess. And traditional capitalism isn’t helping.

As every do-gooder and visionary learns, the range of your influence and impact is directly impacted by your business’ bottom line.

We help you compete with the giants of your industry to increase your profits and impact.

Taking on all the problems of the world by ourselves is impossible. But together the possibilities are limitless.

You have the vision. We write the words to show your prospects why you’re the best option and persuade them to take the leap… Together, we can change the world.


We base our marketing on core psychology. That gives us a deeper understanding of your prospects’ needs, views, and decision-hierarchy when writing your tailor-made marketing copy.

Always Ethically Written

Effective marketing is persuasive and touches on readers’ core motivations. We avoid triggering emotions that could be harmful to your readers. We write to inspire hope rather than shame.

Designed for Inclusivity

We work to remove bias and discriminatory language from your marketing to open your business to a wider range of prospects within your target audience.

Rebekka Van Der Does

Owner, Copywriter, Marketing Consultant

Sebastian Adlernest

Internet Researcher, Graphic Designer, Proofreader

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