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Email Marketing for Purpose Driven Brands

Build relationships, maintain loyalty, and grow sales using engaging emails

When you want to quickly build stronger customer relationships and loyalty or drive up sales, email marketing is one of your most efficient options. On average, you can conservatively expect to make $36 back on every $1 you spend!

Your Email Marketing Can Be Used For:

  • Sales or marketing funnels, such as a series of emails after a prospect takes an action on your website (subscribing, inquiring, or making a purchase) to keep moving them through the customer journey.
  • Lead generation to attract new potential clients or customers to your business
  • Relationship nurturing, keeping your audience engaged, and growing their loyalty between purchases.

To do-gooder entrepreneurs like you take full advantage of the direct line of communication email gives you to your audience, Do-Gooder Copywriting offers email marketing. Our emails are written in your voice, using a conversational and engaging tone, to encourage your reader to take the next step.

Benefits of Investing in Email Copywriting

  • Quickly build relationships, increase revenue, and expand your business
  • Get noticed in your reader’s inbox, where a social media algorithm won’t suppress your reach
  • Enjoy a level playing field, where your industry juggernauts can’t buy their way to the best spots
  • Increase engagement and conversions with personalized email campaigns by segmenting your audience based on interaction history, demographics, interests, etc.
  • Use real-time data and analytics from your email campaigns to better understand your audience, refine your strategy, and increase your future successes!


Email project prices vary by project and scope. Please contact us with details about your project to receive a custom quote.

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